The Magnificent Paris

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When it comes down to Paris, one instantly recollects Hemingway’s words that Paris is a banquet that’s always with you. Even folks who have not been to Paris always think the town is the unending banquet. Another expression also happens : To see Paris and die. Both show peoples’s admiration for this town. A little bit of history Paris chronology commenced in 53 BC when Julius Caesar constructed a fortress near Lutecia, the settlement of Parisii clans. Lutecia in the language of the clans meant swamp.

The Magnificent Paris

Originally the city was found on the island called Cite

The medieval Paris was not that luxurious and impressive. At the end of Middle Ages it numbered only two hundred thousand voters. Till the French revolution the town grew rather slowly. Fast development of Paris started in the reign of Napoleon. At this time such famous sights as Triumphal Arch and the Invalides appeared. But far more critical for town evolution was the ruling of Napoleon III and the activity of his prefect Haussmann, who has considerably modernised Paris of that time. Massive Paris boulevards, which are the foundation of the modern day town planning, 3 huge parks and 20 squares were made : that was significant not only for the outward appearance of the town : it’s critical to keep in mind that Paris was also a town of Kibbutz , barricade fighting and social disturbance. That is the reason why the innovations helped the police and armed forces introduce order in the town.

For a couple of centuries Paris was thought to be the world capital. In the XXth century the title was disputed by NY. Parisians, however, don’t need to yield. The city is consistently being modernised, a lot of discoveries are being introduced. Anyhow, the major part of travellers come to the town to visit the key sights, which were built during the past. Within them are Notre-Dame de Paris The symbol of Paris, real gothic wonder, concentrated French history, Dome of the domesthat is all about the Notre-Dame de Paris.

It can be found at Cite, the island in the middle of the Seine. This is the most traditional district of the town. The dome was built between 1163 and 1250 at the place of the old basilica. Anyhow the final decoration occurred only in 1345. There are larger domes in France but this one is the most galvanizing example of the Gothic design. One will need almost 1 or 2 weeks to view the entire dome. The 69-meter high building is truly impressive. It’s still working, the Great Bell rings only in most solemn occasions.

The Latin Quarter The banks of the Seine house one of the most famed Paris quarters the Latin Quarter. It was called that way thanks to the fact the scholars of the Paris School , which is situated here, were taught in Latin. They mostly lived and made a bother of themselves. The younger people talked Latin among their community so that no-one could understand what they talked about. This is the number one place to live in Paris. Things are less expensive here and folks are way more hearty. But the most vital is that the place saved the remains of the genuine air de Paris. There are that many places in Paris that one can hardly mention every one of them come see everything with your own eyes!