It’s Time for Paris: How to Prepare Essentials for Your Trips

By Travel Deals to Paris

Everyone must go to Paris at least once in a lifetime, that’s what people said. But preparing for your very first trip to the city of love is not simple. It’s not a trip that you can put on a pair of waterproof travel shoes and move on. Let us walk you through some of the essential checklists, along with some tips and tricks.

When to go to Paris? Where to visit? What signature dishes should you eat? How to stay fashionable in the world’s greatest fashion country? It’s more than just the marvelous Eiffel Tower or some delicious pastries when it comes to Paris. Especially if it’s your first time in this European country, we highly recommend follow up on these instructions.

One great news for you, Paris is a city that’s extremely easy to navigate. You won’t have to worry about getting lost, but need to keep an eye on the locals. Let’s get started.

waterproof travel shoes

What To Bring On Vacation?

When coming to Paris, it’s best to explore the city on foot. You should bring one or two pairs of sneakers for more comfortable walking. Thus, it’s convenient to have a great pair of waterproof travel shoes on the go. If you’re wondering which pair to buy, The Waterproof Lab had made some detailed reviews of this product. You should consider having one for the trip to Paris and the upcoming ones.

Next up, never forget your passport and ID. Nothing worse than leaving your passport at home when you’re running late.

If you’re planning on trips to Paris at around Spring time, besides essentials, it is a lightweight jacket but still good enough to keep you warm. Also, don’t forget your allergy pills since there are quite a lot of flowers that will blossom during this time.

And as many travelers would recommend, travel insurance and a first aid kit are definitely necessary. Last but not least, Paris is the city of fashion. You may want to leave some space for extra things that you buy on the trip.

Of course, you should pack up all your essentials. But one thing you can’t forget to buy beforehand is a dock converter. Don’t let yourself be stuck in a hotel with all docks that you can’t plug anything into charging. An international dock switch is quite cheap but can do the trick and keep you functional.

Best Time To Visit Paris

As you’ve heard, many people said, nothing can beat Paris during Springtime. But this also means that you’ve to face the highest peaks in the city when plane tickets and hotels prices are incredibly high. So how about changing your schedule to a time that’s more off peaks? In the first weeks of the summer, the atmosphere and weather are still close to Spring but can stay away from the noisy crowd.

And one little notice is never head to Paris in August, no matter how cheap your plane tickets are. Why? During August, most Europeans, especially local Paris, will close their store and go on vacation. So who will supply all the food and services on your trip? Be aware of that, guys.

Learn Some Language

Making some effort to learn a few French words such as Bonjour/ Bonsoir (Hello/ Good Morning), Merci (Thank you), and Pardon (Sorry). People often said that French people are quite rude, but trust us, that’s not very true. A few French words will give you the first impression of these stylish locals, and you’ll go a long way with it.

Book Everything In Advance

This is the coolest trick for any backpackers. Book at least four months in advance with plane tickets and hotels. It’s high chances that you can catch some steal deals. With other tickets such as museums, art galleries and so on, you can stay alert in case there is a good discount. Booking early can give you the merits of canceling without any fees (if needed). And you’ll have much more time to research while planning out your trips.

Eat Like A Local, Enjoy All Street Vendors

If you want to try some authentic Parisian experience, you should drink like one. Head to some Franprix for wines and chips. Then hit the banks of Seine for a small picnic. Many local Parisians love to spend their time here when the weather is warm and chilly.
Don’t forget to savor French cuisine staples! Croissants, Fromage ( yes, it’s cheese), crepes, foie gras, and many pastries, it’s silly coming to French and not trying these delicious dishes. We recommend staying away from chain restaurants, but only head for more local areas. Don’t waste your money on food around Eiffel Tower or other tourist attractions. Trust us, that’s the only way to get the best taste of authentic Parisian food.

Where To Visit In Paris?

Moving on from tickets and hotel reservations, this is the straightforward checklist for your trip. Planning your trip before stepping into your hotel room is essential, although most travelers don’t do that. This will save you a lot of time and avoid missing out on some “must-visit” location.

Do Not Miss Out:

Eiffel Tower
Louvre Museum
L’Armée Museum
Disneyland Paris
Centre Pompidou

And besides all of these famous places, you should spend some quality time enjoying street food and wandering around the beautiful Paris. The city is quite easy to navigate with a standard Google Map on your phone. And that’s it, let’s explore the gorgeous Paris.

BONUS: Be Aware

Scammers, pickpockets are intense in Paris, and you should be careful. Bunches of people will try to sell you souvenirs, keychains, tote bags, and so on. Sounds harmless, right? But once you decide to do the transaction, beware of the street pickpockets. One small tip is to divide your cash into many pockets and don’t be too flashy.

Plus, don’t let anyone follow you; there is nothing free at that tourist attraction. If someone gives your free bracelets or small souvenirs, there are high chances they are demanding for some money.